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Having a Blue, Stress Free Mind

Welcome back to Mind Reimagined, where we take a holistic view of our mental health and wellness through the arts, communication, and support. I hope you guys have had a glorious day so far; I know it's tough when you're coming off the weekend, and Monday rolls around, but trust me, you got this! Today I wanted to give you guys a quick blog on having more of a blue mind, which is just like a sense of calm that comes over you or a feeling of real peace. We're going to talk more about what a blue mind is, having a blue versus a red mind, how to incorporate it into daily life, and of course, you guys know I love to give out homework, so it's going to be a little bit of that too. So if that seems like your jam, then keep reading.

Having a sense of calm, peacefulness, and happiness in life is what we strive to get. In a society where many us experience constant exhaustion from always doing more or being on our phone, having a blue mind can offer us more in life and allow us to connect. Having a blue mind is inspired by water; how many times have you gone to the beach or heard rain outside and have instantly felt calm. Water can immediately give us a sense of peace that we are looking for; we have to make sure that we explore options to help us get to this blue mind.

In the age of social media, we have begun to switch to what is a red mind daily. A red mind consists of persistent stress, anxiety, and even anger; our mind goes when we're in that fight or flight moment. These days we get an overload of information that continually demands our attention, so we're more distracted, anxious, and stressed than ever. The more we get into our red mind, the more it slowly turns into a gray mind meaning that we are numb or depressed. One example is always watching police brutality and murders on social media; we go from blue mind to red mind (anger) to gray mind (numbness). 

Everyone can benefit from having a blue mind, especially when incorporated into daily life, and if you truly want to tap into it, find some water. Having a blue mind is all about self-care and incorporating water; you can do this by soaking in a tub, washing your hair, or going to the beach. And if you're not able to physically be around water, then just make sure you use your conscious breath to imagine that you are surrounded by calming still waters without having distractive thoughts.

I want you guys to try to incorporate self-care into your life that promotes having a blue mind, so here are a few tips that I have for you:

  1. Take a nice long hot bath, add some essential oils (I can provide those for you), sit by the candlelight, and maybe even have a glass of wine. 

  2. Check on Amazon or go to Walmart and find those mini waterfalls that you see in the massage places and put it somewhere where you're going to hear it often.

  3. Get rid of all the electronic chatter and listen to rain or beach sounds.

  4. Have water-themed paintings around or paint something with different blue hues or incorporate a blue color that you love into your life.

I hope these tips were super helpful for you guys. I know we're in a time where it's so easy to keep running and harder to sit still, so let's try to remember to turn up the blue and turn down the red.

Have a fantastic holiday, and check out our shop page for any holiday deals on our essential oil blends. 

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