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No Man's Land: How to Combat Being a Yes Person

Happy Monday, Beautiful Souls!

Welcome back to Mind Reimagined, where we take a holistic view of our mental health and wellness through the arts, communication, and support. Today, we're going to be talking about a few of the pros and cons of being a yes person and how to be a no person and say no when needed. So if that sounds like something that you would be interested in learning more about, this is definitely for you.

Being a yes person can be challenging because this type of person enjoys pleasing people. A yes person is seen as reliable and trustworthy because they never tell anyone no. Telling someone no is not an easy job because it comes with a lot of patience and balancing your personal and professional life. So while I'm at it, I wanted to start with the pros of being a yes person:

1.) It indicates your readiness to help

2.) It depicts you as a reliable source

3.) It offers you the opportunity to explore new ideas and duties

As you can see, being a yes person has plenty of benefits, but saying yes to people too much can cause a strain on how often you say yes to yourself. Here are a few cons of being a yes person:

1.) You can lose time helping others- if other people are packing your schedule with their tasks and responsibilities, how are you ever going to complete some of your own to reach your own goals. Its kind of like working a 9-5 and being an entrepreneur; finding that balance between saying yes or no to the extra work of your 9-5 can impact your business.

2.) People may begin to have unrealistic expectations for you- because you are always saying yes, saying no, maybe a little difficult for you. If you have to say no to a specific person, they may begin to look at you in a different light because now you're not doing what they want you to do.

3. Your work-life balance can be interrupted- this kind of goes along with the first point that if you were overdoing it for others, you don't have time to do anything for yourself. Of course, self-care is critical.

Being a no person shows that you are an authentic, honest person. It requires courage to say no to people because you put yourself at risk for not being liked by others. Saying no to others can be especially tricky in intimate relationships and those relationships in the workplace. But when you say no to others, you're saying yes to yourself, your goals, dreams, and progression. Being a no person does not make you a bad person; it honestly shows how much you care for yourself and others. If we're not treating ourselves with kindness, grace, and being gentle with ourselves, we will not know how to do that for others.

So how do you become a no person, you might ask?

First, you should give the reason behind your no (only if you want to) maybe talk about some of the things you're doing right now and why it requires so much time. If they need help with what they are doing, maybe suggest that they help you with your project so that you're able to help them with theirs.

Now this one is specifically for the workplace, giving the option of removing something from your to-do list so that you can have room for something else. So say your boss asked you to come and complete a task for them, showing them the list of things on your to-do list while politely declining allows them to take away tasks or give you help to complete tasks faster.

Lastly, if someone comes to you and asks for you to do something, ask them when they need it completed if you see that the timeline does not work for you, explain that to them and politely decline.

I hope this helps you guys to become less yes people and more no people or vice versa; it just depends on what you want for yourself. I know that I have the right balance currently. Still, I love to remind myself that if I'm more of a yes person this season and I'm getting overwhelmed, use these tips for myself. I want you guys to know that it is not hard to tell people no with or without an explanation.

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I hope y'all have a great week and go think GOOD thoughts.

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