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Best Self-Care Apps for Staying Balanced and Grounded

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Welcome back to Mind Reimagined, where we take a holistic view of our mental health and wellness through the arts, communication, and support.

Today's topic will cover some of the BEST apps to use for self-care and your mental health. Let's face it...we are in the digital age where everything is done on a phone, tablet, or computer. Recently, I even decided to reduce my carbon footprint by purchasing an iPad to save paper. If you're interested in learning about a few apps that can help you get a handle on your emotional health and self-care then keep reading. 

Carving out time for your self-care can be difficult sometimes and make it seem as though you do not have enough hours in a day (trust me, I know the feeling). But with these apps, taking 5-10 minutes to meditate, stretch, journal or workout can be the difference between you feeling calm or stressed out. 

Here are a few apps that have helped me to check in with myself:

1. Calm- this app is for meditation and sleep and uses breathing exercises and music to help you relax. The app includes masterclasses from a variety of experts and really teaches you to initiate your own healing. 

2. Motivation Daily Quotes- this app is for people that are going through difficult times and need extra help to get through the day. It sends positive reminders to your phone daily to stimulate mental growth.

3. Insight Timer- this is another meditation app that has tons of FREE guided meditations to help improve sleep, decrease anxiety, manage stress, and teach meditation. 

4. Nike Training Club- this workout app comes with more than 150 free workouts for different levels. Some of their programs are taught by amazing athletes like Gabby Douglas and Serena Williams.

5. Headspace- this is a common mindfulness meditation app that helps reduce stress, helps you to focus and be productive throughout your day, and can help to get you moving.

6. Reflectly- Is an intelligent journaling app that asks you questions about how your day went and can also track your mood and emotional progress. It even sends a few motivational words every morning.

So if you are a person who wants to include more self-care into their day, using these apps is a great way to start. 

Be on the lookout for an analysis of the calm app (my favorite app) on the blog. This app can help to give much more insight into your mental and emotional health and has helped me so much with getting through my grief after losing my brother last year. 

Thank you so much for reading and let me know in the comments which apps y'all decide to download! Make sure to subscribe to the email list for exclusive content like tools and free giveaways.

Have a glorious day and Go think GOOD thoughts.

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