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Social Distancing Do's & Don'ts

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls!

Whew! It has been pretty wild around our world these last few weeks and to be honest, I'm just now getting my life together. Since I'm working from home I finish my work quicker and have more time to write! I wanted to do something a little different for the next few weeks and post some daily tips and affirmations to get through this tough time. I may also write in sort of a journal style about how I'm feeling about all of this craziness going on currently and how my family and I are getting through it. Let me know in the comments below some things you all have done to stay sane during this self quarantine!

To help y'all navigate this time a little better, below are some tips for things to do or not do while social distancing!

Have an amazing day and go think GOOD thoughts...

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