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The Rat Race of Life

Happy Thursday Beautiful Souls!

Welcome back to Mind Reimagined, where we take a holistic view of our mental health and wellness through the arts, communication, and support.

Today's topic is about this RAT RACE we call life and why we should put societal standards on the back burner and enjoy the journey. If you're interested in learning how to enjoy your life your way, keep reading!

Does anyone else have issues keeping up with the fast pace of life? I know I do and sometimes I forget to be present, take a look around, and be grateful for what I have. Oftentimes we can feel so much pressure to achieve that we don't take the time to step off the track and accomplish things at our own pace. Wanting to constantly compete with ourselves and others can send us into a fit of jealousy and make us feel bad about ourselves, especially in this age of social media. Watching friends and loved ones get a great job, a new car, get married, or have children can make you feel like you need to catch up or you may experience FOMO (fear of missing out). If you don't "stop and smell the roses" you could miss out on the beautiful things around you.

Society has placed a lot of emphasis on the fact that you have to be first or be on top; even at an early age, we're taught about competition between peers. When we were younger and maybe didn't get that first-place prize we were told that just being apart of it is all that matters. If that was the case, why was winning pushed on us so much and why did we feel so bad if we didn't win? What society has taught us is that not being first or being at the top is failing, you've lost, and that can harm your emotional health.

That fear of failing or FOMO seems to come from thinking that in some way time may be running out and we may never get the chance to be on top. But don't you think that the constant worry about behind ahead or on the same page as your peers will cause you to miss out on the truly important things? To let go of our worries we have to practice being present and aware of what's going on around us. This week ask yourself, am I taking the time to appreciate and be grateful for what I have? Am I doing the things that truly make me happy and if I'm not, who am I trying to prove something to? Make sure to take some time to check in with yourself this week and evaluate your priorities.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next post on how to set mindful goals and become your best self before the 1st quarter of the year ends!

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Have a glorious day and Go think GOOD thoughts!

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Feb 27, 2020

Thank you! Yes it is so important to take stock of what’s important in our lives


Whew! This post was on target for me! I was just talking to my fiancé about this. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life and forget to appreciate life itself! I’m definitely learning to take a step back and just enjoy my life. Great post!

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